Is SportsHero a free app?
SportsHero is a free mobile app – free to download and free to use!

Which devices are SportsHero available on?
SportsHero is available for iOS and Android.

Is this the final version?
We are continually improving SportsHero in light of your feedback. We strongly recommend that you update your app when prompted, so that you get the latest and greatest features and benefits.

How can I suggest any change/improvement/opinion?
Your feedback and input is of utmost importance to us. Please feel free to email us.

How do I play?
Every user starts with a 100,000 points to play with. Choose a match to make predictions on, and make predictions in the predictions screen! Your return is based on odds that are derived by SportsHero's proprietary algorithms.

Is there a system in place to prevent cheating?
Rest assured that we are constantly monitoring and taking all necessary measures to prevent cheating. Our dedicated team of software engineers are working round the clock to make sure that all loopholes are closed.

I got an error message while signing up/ I can’t sign in through Facebook
For Facebook sign in, make sure you have authorized SportsHero to access your Facebook details.

What do the numbers below each match represent?
Friends - How many of your social media friends have made predictions in that match
FH - How many SportsHero users in total have made predictions in that match
Played - How many predictions you have made in that match


How are the members ranked on the Leaderboard?
Users are ranked based on different criteria relative to other users on the same leaderboard. We will introduce more leaderboards and more sorting methods in the future.

Does ranking get reset every month?
Currently, leaderboards are not reset. We will look to possibly reset the leaderboards once a season in the future.

Do leaderboards get immediately updated the match is finished?
Depending on how many users are active at the time, the delay between results and us updating the leaderboards can vary, but in general, we try and update the leaderboards as frequently as possible.


How do I create a competition?
Tap the create new competition button in the community page. Select a competition name, write a description, decide on competition duration and leagues to be included in your competition, and your competition will be created immediately.

How do I invite friends to my competition?
Each competition has a unique Code ID which your friends can use to enter the competition. This unique Code ID can be found on the top of your competition leader board. Tap the icon beside the Code ID to copy this to your phone's clipboard, you can then paste this Code ID easily in any message you send to your friends.

How do I join a competition?
Once you have a unique Code ID, enter it into the box located at the competitions tab in the community page. You will automatically join the competition represented by the Code ID.